Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 4, 2009

Hello Knitters!

          Hi, I am Nancy Rieck, Knitting Designer. is my website where you can purchase and download my patterns. There are also articles to read and links to follow.

           I have finally started a knitting blog………

           I have been writing down my knitting patterns for a little over 2 years now. That’s not very long. I have learned to make my patterns more clear, and I know that my next pattern will be written better. I hope to improve with each pattern that follows after the last.

           My creativity has also started to expand. A new idea, a new stitch, putting different stitches together. Sometimes, I am very happy with the outcome. Sometimes, not so much, wishing I had tackled an area a bit different. I have more and more ideas floating around in my head, too. There is just not enough time!

Well, there is definitely enough yarn out there. Every once in awhile, I swear I will knit only from my stash! If I buy anything it will be to add to a group of yarn I already have for one project……

HA!!! Then I see something new that sparks my creative interests. Or a hank of yarn that has been created by a spinner and/or dyer. (I really need to stay away from the yarn section on Ravelry. It could make my stash bulge out of my closet even more……..)

So! I have established that there is enough yarn and ideas. But, what about that time thing? Stolen minutes early or late in the day. All day knitting in pajamas on a Sunday. Socks worked on at the pool or game, while watching the kids.

My husband had enough nerve to tell me I shouldn’t be knitting socks at a baseball game! Come on! What baseball game shouldn’t have a “Stitch and Pitch”? Lucky for me, a knitting friend texted me it that it was perfectly appropriate!

Well, I should be knitting right now. Or typing the pattern I just knitted.

Even making a swatch of a that pattern stitch I have been seeing in my head — Oh! I must wind that hank first! It was recommended that I should share my knitting self. Again, lucky for me, I have never been shy in that department either.

 So, here I am, sharing my thoughts, what I am knitting, my growing stash and maybe my other love… and entertaining. (Which again, my husband pointed out, just this week, I have abandoned to work on my knitting!)

One thing you may have noticed. I love to write with explanation marks!!!!

Another knitting, writer friend, who proofread something for me once, broke the news to me. Now, when I read what I have written, I take out one here or there.

But, if I get excited about something, there will be lots of !!!!!!!

As always,

Happy Knitting,




  1. Hi, Nancy. I’m so glad to find your website! I’m going to watch it for new patterns and ideas. Your two patterns published in Creative Knitting are not only lovely but come very close to my ideal in knitting; the characteristic features: top down construction, shaping the neck and back with short rows, the gently decorated raglan lines, uniqueness without overbearing of details , that is just my style! I hope you continue in this direction, even though I realize a designer have to grow and develop and evolve with time.
    I have not knitted any project with your pattern yet. This is the stage when I study every line, stitch and row of the pattern and think what yarn, what changes I need to make, how to adjust to my measurements, etc. I have a couple of questions for you, too, and am not sure where is the right place to present them. I would welcome your suggestions.
    Good luck and lots of inspirations!

    • Hi Alyssa!
      Thank you for your kind words. I hope to continue and grow in the same direction I have set as a designer with my top down. Just maybe a few different angles, but still with style and functionability.
      Any questions you may have please feel free to email me through my website and I will do my best to respond.

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