Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 16, 2009

Knitting Friends

Knitting Friends Are Grand!

I was with a knitting group of friends last night for our annual Christmas Ornament Swap and dinner.

It was full of laughs and even a few tears. A heartwarming time of 10 women (minus one with the flu).

Knitting friends have that common bond of the love of the needles and everything knitting. They listen about your projects and understand your joys of your latest knitwear.

Sharon is my friend who is the spontaneous “Let’s go to Knitch then to lunch!” or “Let’s meet at P.J.’s and knit!”

We tease each other about buying yet another project’s yarn when we have two on the needles and one that we just bought and started last week.

A fun t-shirt splurge on one of our outings brought our laughs home and is a reminder of a fun summer afternoon.

Sharon is also my “roomie” for Stitches. (What happen’s at Stitches stays at Stitches!)

The list can go on and on – and she is just one – There are others with other stories of their own or with groups of others.

I have spent many years knitting alone. I still spend time knitting alone, but knitting with one or more is much more fun.

Here’s to our Knitting Friends. They Are Grand.


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