Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 5, 2010

Creme Brulee Update

As promised, I cast on for my big cable project on New Years Day.

I have 3 plus inches and the cables are starting to show up nicely.

Neck Cables

There are still more cables to morph into the jacket as the stitches increase and the jacket starts to lengthen.

The neck cables have a great start and have new cables added. I just need to abandon laundry and dishes to work the inches to really see how it is taking off.

Double Bobble Cable

The Double Bobble Cables are running down the inside fronts and are taking shape, too. You probably can’t tell by the photo, but the Bobbles are in Brushed Suri from Blue Sky Alpaca. It is a fabulous little yarn! It has added a different dimension to the bobbles and I am sure it will be a wonderful addition in other locations as well. (I think I might have to get some more Brushed Suri for a cardigan………..)

The joy of seeing a design develop is always the best high!


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