Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 12, 2010

A Tuesday in January

It’s a Tuesday in January.

A big freeze just left our area and a bit warmer days are promised.

During the abnormally cold days of the past week or so, I had a hard time moving from in front of the fire! But, I did get a lot of knitting done. One of the Chocolate Lattice gloves is complete. I am happy with it.

My daughter thinks I need to knit another pair with places for the fingers like the thumb. Of course, in her favorite green color! Good idea……..but, what is already on my plate?

Creme Brulee has 7 inches. Top down and loaded with cables the next 3 inches will not be knit as fast as the last three. There are plans for a matching hat – Burnt Sugar. The second glove of Chocolate Lattice, socks to match and then there is the wild idea of a sweater out of the same Mablabrigo sock yarn. Did I mention maybe a scarf to go with it all?

After all, I want to knit a wardrobe……….

Maybe I should hope for more days to knit by the fire.


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