Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 19, 2010


Inspiration, for me, can hit me any time, any place. A yarn, a pattern stitch or just wanting something to wear.

Over and over again, I want to make my stitches count for something.

Some days there are numberous stitches. Some days not. Stitches. It is all about the stitches……….

The Art of Making Extraordinary Stitches.

That is what I aim for and what I wish for every knitter to have. Yes, it is for the more accomplished knitter, but it is for every knitter of every skill level.

Every knitter, you say? Yes. Every knitter can have the sence of being amazed at the extraordinary stitches they have created. Your first stockinette – and next – the beautiful stockinette in the fabulous yarn you couldn’t live without.  And oh the joy of your first cable project, pattern stitch, lace…… It can go on and on.

Your extraordinary stitches are after you fix an error, finish your first sweater, finish your first sweater that fits well, and the beautiful socks on your feet that are so much fun to admire! Your extraordinary stitches are everywhere!

Here’s to the continuing journey of Making Extraordinary Stitches.


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