Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 26, 2010


I always try to post on a Tuesday…..

This Tuesday I am having a hard time.  Sophie, my long time knitting companion who has been always at my feet is now in the big forest in the sky chasing squirrels…………

She was almost 14 in human years, 98 in dog years.

A long happy life that ended this a.m.

My feet are too roomy to knit well today…………..

Happy squirrel chasing, Sophie!



  1. Nancy,

    So sorry to read about Sophie :*(…She was a great buddie! Feeling your pain all the way over here in California! Just remember time heals all wounds.

    Love You!

  2. What a sweet girl she was. Great photo. It’s nice to think that she’s someplace better chasing squirrels.

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