Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 2, 2010

Yin and Yang

I just received my shipment of yarn for my sweater that will be in November 2010 Creative Knitting Magazine!

I sent in my submission in a “dusty blue” color for Southwest Trading Company’s Yin and Yang yarn. After my acceptance I was told the yarn color chosen is to be in Hope & Dream. I looked it up. A pretty blue, but a much brighter…….

Well, knitting gals and guys, what I opened was a much different color than the on-line photo. I have even tried with and without flash to catch the most sumptuous dark periwinkle blue yarn that arrived. I must say, I squealed with delight at the marvelous color it is! But the photo here is not even close to the wonderful color that this yarn is in person! I could have made the photo lighter, but that would have been even farther off. (It actually has more purple in the color that you will see with your own eyes.)

My sweater is to sparkle for the holidays (Yang) with the solid (Yin) as its base. Believe you Me! This will be a knock out color for Holiday wear!

I have already knitted a swatch of the solid (Yin). And later today I will no doubt CAST ON!!! (Just a few more rows on Creme Brulee before I set it aside………..)


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