Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 9, 2010

Being a “Yarnie”

Is being a “yarnie” in your blood?

Is it being creative? Is it being hooked on anything that comes in fiber form? Is it being a free spirit!

Rikki, our male ferret, LOVEs yarn. Macy, our female, couldn’t be bothered…. Rikki will grab a ball of yarn and run as fast as he can. First to grab it, second to hide it! He wants the yarn all to himself!

So, if you think of it, we are like ferrets! Some of us love yarn, and some of us couldn’t be bothered!

All of this yarn talk makes me think of favorite yarn.

There are a few companies that are at the top of the list for me. (There are probably dozens I haven’t tried yet to put them on my “list”.)

Malabrigio. Dah………isn’t it on everybody’s list? Southwest Trading Company. innovative with “luxury” fibers. Cascade. A company that is such a standard, but offers such a wide variety of fabulous yarns in many different textures and fibers. Blue Sky Alpaca, Araucania, Lornia’s Laces……….yes, the list could be long. Very long.

Too many yarns, not enough time………..



  1. I’m just like Rikki; just MUCH larger, and MUCH slower!

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