Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 16, 2010

When It’s Cold Outside

When it’s cold outside it is hard to think of designing or knitting a spring or summer sweater.

Or is it?

I am at the point in the sweater that I am working on where I am just knitting in the round. I have great yarn so I just stare off into space as I knit, knit, knit…….. There is lots of brain space for my thoughts wandering. It has wandered to warmer weather designs.

As a designer, I know I should be working on finishing spring projects to post on my blog and website. But when you are taking photos like this:

it is hard to think of pulling out cotton yarn to knit with. I want wool laying on my lap to keep me warm as I knit.

Likewise, it is hard to want to pull out wool when it is in the 90’s outside.

Sometimes, I will start a project at the middle or end of its appropriate season then put it aside to finish as the season is just getting started the next year. The more patterns I have under my belt the harder it is.

Add working on a Holiday sweater in February or a January sweater in April for magazine deadlines and you never know what season you should be designing or knitting in…………

Well, I have designed and will be soon putting to pattern form on the computer a spring sweater with cotton and lace. I want to run to my stash and dig the yarn out to cast on……. The yarn and stitch pattern is chosen. Math is complete. All because I am knitting in the round staring off into space.

Now back to knitting. I need to figure out what to call my new spring design!

Happy Knitting!


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