Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 2, 2010

Snow is Falling

Snow is falling in big fluffy flakes, soup is cooking on the stove……….

The only thing left is knitting by the fire to make it a beautiful March day!

I am back working on Creme Brulee! The waist is at 13 or so inches.

I am trying to make a big push on working on this jacket before I need to concentrate on a March 17th deadline.

So that means spending mucho time working long rows of cables.

Funny, I must be in a cable mood, because the project I am about to start has 5 maybe 6 different cables planned. Cables are a good project to not be toooo difficult, but enough to keep your interest.

They are a series of winding paths that offer texture and bulk to a sweater, jacket, hat, bag, scarf, mittens, socks………

I love the look of cables whether they are bold and chunky or soft and subtle. They are a great set of stitches to work on again and again.

Speaking of again and again – I am off to sit by the fire and cable away!

Happy Snow, Fire, Soup, and Cable-Kind of Day!


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