Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 9, 2010

Getting Sidetracked

Getting sidetracked is an easy thing to do.

There are so many yarns and ideas. Sometimes you just cannot HELP YOURSELF!

My girlfriend, Sharon, texted me yesterday: “Sidetracked again. Learning to knit booties with Agnes.” My response was: “Too Funny!” But, what I should have texted was: “Not surprised, how many projects are on your needles?”

So, knitter’s out there…….How many projects are on YOUR needles?

This last year around this time I made it a goal to not get sidetracked……

HA! I have been fairly good………I have a skirt to go with my Malibu Morning Shawl – it has been on the needles for a bit over a year. Goal: to finish this summer. A linen head band and “Hippy Bag”. Goal: to finish this summer. I have a leftover yarn sweater with just the sleeves to finish. Goal: to finish before winter hits. I have a felted travel bag started. Goal: someday. I have a scarf. Goal: find yarn for a sweater to go with it. I have socks – but then I try to always have socks on needles for traveling. The second Chocolate Lattice Fingerless Glove. Goal: Soon. Oh, and I almost forgot the sweater for my daughter – I am ripping it out to start over – does that one count?

And finally, Creme Brulee. But, this is what I am madly working on theses days…………..

I constantly have to stop myself from casting on something new unless it is for a submission or accepted project.

And finally about the other things that keep me sidetracked from knitting…..the list is long. But, these are 2 of my favorites:


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