Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 16, 2010

Knitting Friend

Yes, I have said it before: “Knitting Friends are Grand!”

And they don’t have to be all about knitting……

Debbie and I met at our Local Yarn Shop the first time I went to a Knit and Chat. She was full of cheer and exclaimed to the others: “She bakes bread, too!”

Debbie loves food – both eating and cooking. We talk about food, exchange recipes, and discuss the latest nutrition article read.

Knitting is not at the top of her list. But, she is my biggest knitting cheerleader. She rants and raves over my latest stitches and will exclaim to whoever is in earshot of her newest favorite of my designs. At times she makes me blush.

Debbie is a big reader of blogs and on-line newsletters. She and sends sites, patterns and knitting ideas to her knitting friends. She, of course, yelled the loudest for me to start this blog.

Everyone needs friends. Especially the one who always cheer you on!



  1. Amen Nancy! I’m in line right behind Debbie! Nothing in life comes close to a good friend, good food, and a lil knitting!

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