Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 23, 2010

The Year of the Bobbles

I love bobbles.

They are fun to make and add dimension to knitted items.

As I have been making countless bobbles on Creme Brulee (I am working on a sleeve) and I am sighing as I knit and turn and purl and turn……..I have come to the realization that this is “The Year of the Bobbles”!

Well, it did actually start last year for my first sweater published in a magazine – but it is debuting May 25th for Creative Knitting Magazine‘s July 2010 issue. Lots of Bobbles – or it seemed so at the time.

Now, Creme Brulee and soon to follow its matching hat; Burnt Sugar, and hand bag; Flambe. (of course they have bobbles, too)

There is also a project I just submitted for consideration that has a cable I call “The Bobble Tree”! Yes, yes – more Bobbles……..

I surely have Bobbles on the Brain!

Even though I have made Bobles on other projects, this year shall from this day forward be remembered as:

“The Year of the Bobbles”!!!

Happy Bobbling!


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