Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 30, 2010

“Indie” Designer

I read recently that I am an “indie” Designer.

I design, write the pattern and knit the pattern.

Hard to imagine any designer doing anything else, right?

Well back farther in time – way farther – is where it all started. Artists not doing their own work, that is.

Many of us know that there are ghost knitter’s out there, but I was a bit surprised to find out that there are some designers that have someone else write the pattern as well. I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all how could one person produce dozens of designs in less than one year?

The Yarn Harlot, I am told, wrote about this in her latest book. She commented on how the designer could not have knitted the design, because the designer would have corrected the problems in the pattern if they had.

Now, I know that there always can be problems in a pattern and a designer’s patterns become better with experience.  But I do believe a designer should be in touch with his or her designs. Even if you are not the one actually knitting the design, wouldn’t it be in the designer’s best interest to at least see the progression of the pattern being knitted to make sure it was up to standards expected?

Well, my bud Shirley, always talks about me being a “Diva Designer” some day. I always respond: “Kick me if I become Diva-like!”

Shirley! You need to kick me if I become out of touch with my own designs!

I am an “Indie Designer” and proud of it!



  1. Hey Nancy, not all “Diva Designers” are out of touch with their designs . . . Diva is an attitude, and not always a bad thing, some might think so, but not me . . . I’m proud to see you elevate yourself and aspire to do better and keep the quality high, and stay “in touch” and I think setting high goals for yourself and achieving those goals can make you a “good Diva” and that is YOU and I am proud!

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