Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 13, 2010


I have been thinking about embellishments lately.

More than all the bobbles on the latest projects………In knitting, as with any craft, embellishments can be added to a project to create more. More depth, more interest, more direction and yes, more talent.

I am on the down hill slide with my latest “series”…Can I call it a series? Yes. I have a long jacket: Creme Brulee, A hat: Burnt Sugar, A bag: Flombe and a pair of fingerless gloves: Chocolate Lattice Fingerless Gloves. They are all coordinating. I already have written the pattern for Chocolate Lattice Socks and have the pattern in my head for a sweater as well. So, yes, a series.

Anyway! Back to Embellishments! I have been researching embroidery. I am going to do some embroidery on the Creme Brulee Jacket and possibly on Burnt Sugar. I found this website:

All I have to say about some of the samples shown: Wow! I mean: WOW! Creativity with thread and fabric.

A craft at it’s best can really get my mind going on all the possibilities……….

I am off to knit on Flombe and let my mind wonder on all the possibilities with Embellishments. I will take my leave with a silly photo for Chocolate Lattice Fingerless Gloves……..

Happy Knitting!


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