Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 20, 2010


I love serendipity!

Especially when working on a project. As a designer, I have learned that ripping out hours worth of work is part of the job. Trying something new doesn’t always work.

Yes, a life line is a good thing to use. But sometimes I realize I need to rip before I even think about using a life line. (A life line is threading a piece of waste yarn through your stitches. You continue working your pattern and if you need to go back to where you put in your life line – you rip easily back and your life line stops your ripping and allows for easy picking up of the stitches at the point of the life line.)

ANYWAY! Back to Serendipity!

When something works out even better than you planned! Well that is serendipitous! And that folks is exciting!

I have had TWO, count them, TWO cases of serendipity with my hat, Burnt Sugar. First the crown and second the brim.  Excitement abounds and I look forward to trying both out on another hat in the future.

It is dark – therefore, bad lighting for photos. But I will leave you with the photo of Flambe, the bag I finished also today to go with Burnt Sugar.

Happy serendipitous Days of Knitting to Come!



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