Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 4, 2010

It’s all about the Stitches

It’s all about the stitches you make.

Some “throw” to get their stitches, others “pick”, some others “swoop”, “thumb”, “twist”, and other numerous combinations to achieve their rows and rows of glorious stitches.

At Stitches South, this year, I took two classes from Merike Saarniit.

The first: Fiendishly Difficult Stitches. (“Of course you did”, my friend Joan, declared!)

The second: Estonian “Patent” Stitches.

Merike, being 1st generation American/Estonian, showed us how to get texture WITHOUT purling in the second class. Yes, knitting ONLY. She even had on a sweater that had cables and other textures that did not have a single purl stitch.

I know some of you are thinking: in-the-round or knitting backwards.  No, it was all knitted back and forth. I love learning something new. I love it when I am amazed that the knitting world holds so much to learn!

Sometimes some of us spend all our stitch time  in a living room, local yarn shop, or with one circle of friends. Being at a large yarn event that has classes being taught by talented knitters can really open your eyes and help your needles fly in amazing ways!

And sometimes, when you least expect it, you learn something from the young girl sitting next to you…….

Here’s to new discoveries and amazing stitches!


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