Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 18, 2010

BaBa Looey

A deadline is finished and I am swatching, drawing and interviewing “Stitchers”. The swatch line-up is Cascade’s Ultra Pima, Pima Silk, Rustic, Lana Bambu, Lana D’Oro, and Jewel Hand Dyed. Quite the list, huh?

Cascade Yarns has some amazing yarns. If you haven’t checked out what they have beyond 220 – YOU NEED TO!

Pastaza is 50% Llama – 50% Wool. It is an Aran weight.

I have started working on the bottom of a sheep shaped bag that I am calling BaBa Looey. I am  knitting it on size 7/4.5mm needles and using a basket cable for an extra thick bottom in color #301  – a variegated green.

The bag then will be knitted in-the-round (imagine that!). It’s feet, face, tail and ears are out of color #007 – a great variegated black. It’s body in a creamy white – color #002, and some color #069 for a splash of extra green because all sheep stand in grass, yes?

It should be fun. And I have even being bigger hopes of this little bag to be my new companion to carry knitting in for when I am on-the-go!

Ba Ba!


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