Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 13, 2010


Increases are important with top down garments.

Increases cause ridges along the increase section. Some show up more, some are hidden more and some are part of the design.

I have tried many types of increases and have finally chosen the lifted increase as my increase of choice. I feel it is the most “hidden” increase. I am all about not having increases, decreases or short rows jumping out to catch my eye. (A trait from my paternal grandmother – more on that another time……)

A lifted increase is not differentiated as a left increase or a right increase. It does look a tad different as you work your increase sets, but it is worked the same: lift the stitch below up to your left hand needle and knit into it (or purl). I have had a technical writer change my pattern instructions to indicate M1 left and M1 right. Probably just because her technical mind needed the distinction. I laughed went I saw it and now I just hope it doesn’t cause confusion to knitters since she put the exact same instructions for both increases!

Shortly after I made my increase of choice decision, a friend of mine saw a video featuring Elizabeth Zimmerman. Evidently, my increase of choice was also the “ONLY” increase to use according to the master knitter.

With this choice of increase, I also started to experiment with not making that nasty ridge running diagonally down to the underarm join. I chose a 10 row repeated increase, stair stepping the increases from the markered increase area. It gives a smoother increase progression.

Enjoy your increases, give joy to your craft and as always:

Happy Knitting!


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