Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 27, 2010

Gauge, Gauge and More Gauge

I think gauge is a topic every knitter of every skill level should hear about again and again. From one source then another.

How many of you have knitted your 4×4 square, blocked it and have thought you had the correct gauge – then only to find out you are knitting at a much different gauge when knitting your sweater!?!

It has happen to me, it has happen to people of all skill levels that I have met and spoke with – so it probably has happened to you, too!

As I have stated in many of my patterns: “Now comes the beauty of knitting from the top down! The size of your sweater depends on how long you continue these increase rounds. No need to worry about your measurement being correct – you can try your sweater on to see how long your increases need to be! Put the sweater on and check! You can modify and check to see if you need more or less stitches, more or less rows before the underarm join. Try it on Try it on!”

I have just recently modified that part of my patterns to take some of my exuberant personality out of my pattern writing – to be more professional – more concise in my pattern writing…….. Maybe I should put it back…….

Gauge is important. It is what we knitters use to obtain some control over our size of our finished garment. But, the above sentence is what makes knitting from the top down so fabulous.

More and more yarn is having a looser gauge put on their skein tags. Few yarns represent accurate gauges in my opinion. I believe it is better for a knitter to obtain more stitches per inch rather than less – your knitwear stretches less with a tighter gauge. There could be some debate on that like drape and ease of knitting. Well, I am not going to ask you to knit an aran weight yarn on size 3 needles, but I am going to ask you to knit a tighter gauge so your sweater will grown less while you wear it!

I am about to start teaching classes on the “secrets and tricks” of knitting from the top down. I need to put on my list a snipit or two about gauge. I will keep you posted!


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