Posted by: GourmetGirl | August 10, 2010

Knitter’s Elbow

You know you have been knitting a lot when your elbow is sore.

Or at least that is one of my indicators. The others include upper backache, a tired toushy, lack of exercise, and dust bunnies floating by my dog that wants me to play.

I have said it before: Too many ideas and yarn. Not enough time.

I have finished a long-sleeved tunic in less than three weeks. It has been sent to Berne, Indiana awaiting a model and photographer. I worked a brief time on my Banisters top before delving in on another submission design and to start my Annabelle Jacket with KnitWitch Yarn.

Before I knew it the weekend was over.

The new week has started as my jacket takes shape and I go off to find beads for the design submission that is due on the 17th.

I think my Knitter’s Elbow will be with me for a while……..


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