Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 7, 2010

A Perfect Pattern

Is there a perfect pattern?

And if you have a perfect pattern is it a horrible pattern for another knitter?

I just read that “There are no perfect patterns for anyone at any size, full stop. And it is not economically feasible for the knitting media to keep adding sizes or specific to every pattern. I would love the magazine that’s called: Short/Stumpy Armed/Fat – with big boobs and butt, but I do have a waist – thought not as much as I imagine………..”

HELLO!!! Have you every tried knitting from the top-down???!!!?

Knitting from the top down lets you fit YOU.  I always give the option to have larger and shorter/longer sleeves and even give a tuck in the waist area to eliminate the bulky part of some sweaters. THAT is the beauty of knitting from the top-down!

Even if the pattern you download doesn’t give you the extra inch in the sleeves, knitting top-down LETS YOU add the extra inch! HELLO! Just knit another inch!

You can not achieve every look top down. But, I am going to try to reinvent the top-down in every way it can be knit! Just keep patience and as the years go by, more and more looks will be there to knit top-down so YOU can make it fit YOU.


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