Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 20, 2010

Basic Top-Down

I have been asked to create a pattern following my Basic Top-Down principles.

So, I have finally did it. Now you can learn some of the basic to-down techniques that I use in many of my designs and teach in my classes.

The pattern allows you to choose between 2 gauges (with needles that fit your knitting tightness/looseness), 2 neck styles, 3 neck sizes, body sizes from 30-52 in 2 inch increments, and 8 sleeve sizes with various shaping options.

The first thing I say to my Top-Down students:

I can’t tell you everything you need to learn.

You will still have to practice.

Sometimes you will still need to rip out.

You will most likely change what you do the next time.

 This Basic Top-Down pattern can be liberating for you to go beyond the “Old School” top down techniques – even though I use many  “old school”  techniques in my basic principles.

I recently was asked if my Annabelle Jacket pattern was a hybrid of top-down.

Maybe that is what I should start referring my top-down designs as “hybrid top-down”.

I hope you enjoy my “Hybrids”. – Nancy

The Basic Top-DownLink to the page to purchase the pattern.


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