Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 12, 2010

Pattern Choices

What to knit!

Every knitter faces this dilemma………..

You have a closet full of yarn, books of patterns, loose leaf patterns over flowing a folder, new tempting yarns on Ravelry, your local yarn store and on-line stores pitching their news arrivals. (Let’s not forget those projects started and waiting for your return!) And, yet you ask yourself: What is Next?

Indeed! What IS Next?

Annabelle Jacket is my knitting cheerleader, Debbie’s current favorite. I think before that it was Purple Haze. (She named that one.)

I wore Summer Breeze this weekend – I always get comments on it. It is an easy pattern and knitted on larger needles to help make it a fast knit. And today, I plan on wearing Harmony. GREAT yarn and the cables keep the cable savvy knitter loving every minute. It also has been translated into German: Deutsche Harmony

So, I have pitched a few of my designs to help you along your knitting path. But, what about me?

I have a long walking vest with cables in mind………..


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