Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 19, 2010

What Excites You?

What gets you excited?

Yarn? A pattern? Cooler weather for fireside knitting?

Faux Cable Socks

Many times, for me, it is a pattern stitch that is waiting for some new yarn! Right now I am constantly thinking about working on a new pattern stitch with new yarn for an up coming submission.

I have already had a burst of creativity in my brain! A great yarn in a great color and an oh too fun looking lace pattern stitch that is just making my needles itch!

I see the cardigan taking shape in my head. I have a new type of cast on and starting neck line planned. The thought of it wants me to cast everything else aside and work on the new idea!

Yes, I know I am strange – but, strange like many of you!

Okay, I must come back to reality and wait until my current project is off the needles, blocked, and its finishing touches are complete. But, what about the matching bag in my head? Or the pink cable and button trimmed bag that is there too? Or Baba Looey? Bannister and Lacy Macy?

Oh…too many ideas and yarn……….time? Where is the time?

The ideas floating around in my head keep me going!

Happy Exciting Knitting!


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