Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 26, 2010

Walking Vest

I have started my Walking Vest!

Inspired by a woman in my neighborhood, who last fall was taking a walk, wearing a beautiful long vest.

Well, it isn’t an orange rust and the cables are different, but here is the start of the back:

The cable band begins with a provisional cast on and short rows are added to add the curve. the cable band stitches are slipped onto waste yarn, 10 more stitches are added and worked as the right back is shaped and joined to the cable band as it grows in length.

Once to the center, the stitches are picked up from the temporary cast on and the cable band for the left side is worked, then the left back side is worked and finally joined with the right back side.

A small cable band is continued ont the outside edges to create a more sturdy armhole area.

The whole concept of working top-down in one piece is developing beautifully!

I was at my LYS today and I placed it on the back of a volunteer to try out how every size can start the same……

I am excited to finish the back and watch the cable bands run down the inside fronts. I love it when a design excites me!

Thank you for letting me share my excitement!

Happy Knitting,




  1. It looks lovely! Beautiful yarn, and I’m guessing the gauge is big, which many of us will appreciate. I cannot wait to see the pattern developed and available for all of us. Personally, I would love to have a sleeved pullover and a cardigan grow from this design, too. Do I sound selfish? Thanks for sharing

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