Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 9, 2010

No Tears

There is no crying in knitting!

After all, it is only knitting. A combination of knits, purls and yarn overs. That’s it.

Knits, purls and yarn overs.

Sometimes you feel like your knitting is a hopeless mess………..

Sometimes you feel like it has gotten the best of you………..

But as a knitter, you forge on. Trying a new pattern, trying a new style!

I am a big fan of knitting from the top down simply because you can try the project on as you knit. That makes for a better fitting garment and a happy knitter.

With my designs, I ask the knitter to take responsibility. I don’t give the number of rows to get to a desired length. You MUST try the knitting on – or at least know your measurements and use your tape measure.

I spent time this weekend working with a tech editor to try to fit one of my patterns to a specific style. I am happy to report that she believes my patterns work well as written in my style of pattern writing! Even though, she still changed some of my style to fit the publication’s style, she has asked that parts be left. YEA!

That means less confusion for the knitter – in my opinion.

My pattern will be tagged – “for the adventurous knitter”. I don’t feel that  “adventurous” is needed in the phrase but taking responsibility by fitting the garment to the knitter. No more spending hours on a project to find out it doesn’t fit your body! No more too long or too short of sleeves! No more tight arms or armholes!

It is time to stop Monkeying around with your knitting!

(and no tears, please)

Remember: Knits. Purls. Yarn Overs.

Happy Knitting,



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