Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 28, 2010

Quality Knitting

“Quality Knitting” is different for every knitter.

Quality Knitting could be the time spent at the task. Kid, partner or chore free time during your day. Early in the morning, Late at night or that hour before the school bus arrives at your house.

Quality Knitting could be even stitches. Ripping out a mistake that you cannot live with. Or finally getting the tension right on your k2, p2 rib.

Quality Knitting could be having patience to rip, having the patience to make even stitches, or having the patience to improve your skill.

Quality Knitting should be the joy you find at a craft well done. The simplistic beauty of stockinette, weaving of cables, the yarn overs of lace. Beauty that, maybe, no one sees but you. You are the knitter of your Quality Knitting. You cannot choose it for someone else and only you can choose it for you.

What is your Quality Knitting?

Happy Quality Knitting,




  1. Well, my Quality Knitting includes three things:
    1.Nice yarn – soft, non-splitting and generally pleasant to touch (and that includes some acrylics, too!)
    2.A pattern that includes long enough periods of “mindless” knitting (increments of 2-3 min will do; I can knit most simple stitch patterns without looking)
    3.A good book or movie (better former than latter) on the screen of my laptop.
    Having all three, plus using my favorite Addis, plus and opportunity to stop every so often and admire the result of my handiwork equals nirvana!

  2. My Quality knitting time is usually found in the car when my husband is driving (I can’t watch the road, he thinks it is a race and I can’t convince him otherwise).

    I can do those projects that just take forever (mindless reps) and when we get where we are going I can see the obvious results. Where as when I’m alone and can concentrate on my knitting I’ll work on a project that take concentration, learn new techniques or figure out how to make things work the way I want them to.

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