Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 4, 2011

Knitting Goals

It is a New Year. Did you make any Knitting Goals?

This week I am having lunch with my “artsy” friend, Audra. Audra is a licensed watercolorist.

During the year we try to have lunch together once a month to talk about our art, what we are working on and to give that much need support from another creative mind.

We have decided to have a list of goals for the year written down. We will talk about them and give the list to the other. At the end of the year we will meet up again to see what we have accomplished in 2011.

Audra and I are Wives, Mother’s and Artists. Creativity MUST be part of our lives. It is hard to juggle life with a career in a creative field.  Being a licensed watercolorist is a lot like being a knitting designer. There are tons of talented people out there and it is constant work to get yourself noticed. And unless you are really “noticed”…..well let’s just say you must do it because you love it and hope some money will follow………..

Thank goodness I have Audra to share my creative business mind with!

So, I will confirm my goals with Audra for the New Year and share them with you as the year progresses.

Happy Knitting,



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