Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 25, 2011

Knitting Top-Down

Knitting a sweater from the top-down allows you to make a better fitting sweater.

I have stated before and will continue to state: I cannot tell you everything you need to learn.

You will still need to practice.

Sometimes you will still need to rip out. (Sorry)

And finally, you will most likely change what you do the next time. Which leads me back to: I cannot tell you everything you need to learn. You need to learn what is the best fit for your body. That is why you will have to practice, rip out and then change what you do next time.

Everybody’s body is different  and everybody’s way of how they like their sweater to fit is different, too.

Using a store-bought sweater or shirt as your measuring guide is the very first step to a better fitting sweater. What is the neck size? What is the measurement under the arms? What is the sleeve circumference and length? Where do the sleeves join the body? How long is it from the underarms to the bottom edge?

Knitting to measurements to a size that is realistic for YOU is always the best way to start. Forget about the size you THINK you are or what size your bust is and do the homework of measuring something you like the way it fits FIRST.

Yarn,  needles and gauge come into play.  Also: sweaters once wearing them relax – some more than others. (Read my Gauge post.)

My Basic-Top Down Sweater Design found Here is a good place to start. It also has features that I like to use in many of my designs: short rows on the front body section to allow the boobies room so your sweater doesn’t ride up the neck in front and my increase set of ten rows for a smooth increase area.

Learning to knit is a process.

Learning to knit what you love is a process that keeps you knitting on!

Rock on!

Ooops! I mean: Happy Knitting!



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