Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 1, 2011


I have written about customizing sizes before…….Let’s talk sleeves.

After reading an article on customizing top-down dimensions I feel compelled to add to what I have researched about sleeves.

We all come in different sizes – but there are some body proportions that go up and down no matter the size of the body – arm length.

Short, medium or long. Whether you are a size 32 or 52, arm length depends on you. Just because you knit the 52 does not mean your sleeve length should be longer than all the other sizes. So, why does sleeve length get longer as the size of the sweater gets larger?

It makes no sense to me!

I knit a size 32. (The yarn relaxes to a 34, which makes me happy.) I am 5’1″ and a petit woman – however not in the arms.

When buying in a store, I still buy in the regular section for long-sleeved tops. So, I am in the medium section for arm length. I am happiest, with the wearing of a sweater, if I knit 20 inches from the underarm join. Yes, I am 17 inches if you measure armpit to wrist – but with movement in a sweater, sleeves ride up your arm. And especially with a rib at the wrist, I like a bit of “blouse”.

I keep trying to get the tech editors out there to think the same way…….some actually do – they just keep conforming to the industry’s “standards”. To me, we are knitting to fit individual bodies.

Unfortunately, to get the fit you need it takes knitting experience to fit the sweater to your body. I just keep plugging away to help knitter’s out there get to their sweater-fitting sooner…….

Happy Sweater Knitting,



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