Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 8, 2011

Trendy Knitting

Are you a Trends Knitter?

Meaning, do you knit what is popular in the store’s – or do you choose more classic designs?

My "hippie" Peace Wrap

I guess that all boils down to personality, yes?

If you are like me, you do have knitting projects that you do not want to wear any more – for example: the color is too bold (80’s)!

I have been asked to submit designs for a new cable book. Chunky yarns are mentioned for use…… that “Trendy Knitting”?

Big chunky yarns on big needles are hitting the runways. So, would you knit a big chunky cardigan?

Well, I am opting for a compromise and I have seen other knitwear designers do the same. I am using the chunky yarn for one project, but on smaller needles to give nice even stitches. Knitting on US 8/5mm instead of US 10/6mm or larger will give a much more longevity to the cardigans wear.

But, of course, I am submitting a second design with a FABULOUS light worsted yarn. (Cascade Yarn’s Eco Alpaca) It is so soft and has wonderful drape! It is perfect for the “flowy” cardigans that are popular now, too.

Trendy Knitting of the “10’s” – will we be wearing them in the “20’s”?

Only time will tell…………

Happy Knitting in ALL the decades,




  1. I think I am a trendy knitter because sometimes I’ll see something in the store and think- I want to knit that!

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