Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 14, 2011

Perfectly Plus

When I first opened up the new book Perfectly Plus, I found myself constantly saying “how cute!” – well maybe cute in’t the best word… – yes – style that has simplicity and interest for any size body.

After you are past the WOW you will find plenty you will want to knit!

I would recommend grabbing an item in your closet that you love the way it fits, and sitting yourself down with your garment, a tape measure and this book. The section that starts with The Fitting Process is something all knitter’s should consider required homework to complete before knitting a sweater for the first time.


Then there would not be so many hours spent of knitting a sweater you are not happy with! Take the time to find out what are YOUR measurements.

The Simply Fitting Cardigan on page 24 is a grand piece for every knitter to have in their wardrobe. The section Make-it-Fit Basic Cardigan (pg 15) will help to speed you on your way for sweater happiness and help you make the Simply Fitting Cardigan your favorite to knit in several colors.

It will then lead you to head to your Local Yarn Shop and buy yarn for your next project in this book.

In my opinion: Skipping Stones would be a great 2nd choice to offer some knit and purl combinations that offer interest in it’s texturing.

Three cheers for the three women who created this book! Mary Arnold, Colleen East and Kristin Hansen.

Perfectly Plus is a perfect book for the plus sized knitter to have by their side! Once seeing this book you will want to start knitting!

Order your copy here today and start knitting sweaters that flatter and fit!

Happy Knitting,




  1. I love the Swing a long jacket on page 48.
    Now I am a size small and tried it on, while we we’re having a book signing event at my store. I loved the jacket!
    Next came a much bigger woman and tried this jacket on and it looked fabulous on her as well as many other customers that tried it on. So congrats on a fabulous design, can’t wait to make it for myself!!!

    Great job!

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