Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 22, 2011

Knitting is a Community of Friends

On Valentines Day my lunch date was not my husband, but the person who gave me the push to submit my designs for publication – Barb Bettegnies! (Former editor of Creative Knitting Magazine)

Barb is witty and bright with a personality that easily makes you want to smile. She has a following of knitting friends all over the country and is on a Southern tour to teach workshops at several locations. (I suspect it was all started to stay out of the sub zero weather in Indiana!)

There were many things to catch up on during our lunch. One thing she touched on was the knitting community – a community of knitter’s just waiting to be your friend! Knitting cultivates friendships with the clicking of sticks and winding of yarn. Talks of a favorite pattern, a favorite stitch or yarn. Knitter’s love to share stories, laughs, tears and knitting solutions.

Long after lovers celebrating Valentines day left, Barb and I talked about projects, yarn and told knitting stories.

At the end of our lunch she gave me one of the best complements. She told me that with my patterns I guide the knitter along like a friend. WOW!

That is exactly how I feel about knitting – the desire to help other’s knit a perfect fitting sweater or a bag that makes them smile.

I am so happy to belong to the Knitting Community of Friends!

Happy Knitting in Friendship,



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