Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 1, 2011

Picking and Throwing

I remember the first time someone described me as a “thrower”.

It was the first time I sat with other knitter’s to knit……..

Since I had been self taught and a lone knitter, I didn’t know about picking and throwing. I didn’t even know that those were knitting terms. At that time, it never occurred to me that others out there would knit different from me. I knew some wrapped their yarn around their fingers differently, but that was it!

I was so sheltered then. Everything I did was my own experiment, my own thought process. I was redesigning sweaters to fit me all just because I knew how to sew and make clothes fit. (I didn’t understand gauge then either………)

Back then, in the dark ages of no internet, knitting magazines were rare to cross my path. If I had a magazine, it was for the pattern I wanted to knit – I don’t remember reading about knitting. Well, except for the “how to’s”.

Being self taught, I taught myself how to “pick”. What really intrigued me was how to knit faster. I saw a You Tube video on speed knitting. I practiced and learned how to hold my yarn close to my LH needle to be speedy.

I am not a converted “thrower” – I still need the comfort and control of wrapping  and manipulating the yarn with my right hand.

I love that I can hold my yarn with either hand. With that i learned to carry a new yarn and then finish the old yarn so I would not have to weave in the ends later. SCORE! Another part of finishing gone!

Then, of course, came Fair Isle…..more on that next time.

Until then, Happy Knitting, and Happy Picking and Throwing.




  1. Ok, I understand the difference between picking and throwing, or at least I think I do. (Basically picking is continental style). But how do you weave in your ends. I want to learn that.

    • I weave in my ends by holding the yarn to weave with my left finger (as continental style) since I “throw” with my right.
      I would guess there is a you tube video to demonstrate…………

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