Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 8, 2011

Fair Isle

The people “In-the-Know” are saying that the popular knitting trends of the future are more complicated designs which include Intarsia and Fair Isle.

Color  was my favorite class in college.

Joseph Albers - Study for Color Theory

I studied Joseph Albers – the Father of Color – and was mesmerized by how colors take on colors that they surround. So, I guess, it is natural that I love to look at the combinations of color with Fair Isle.

I remember the first knitting piece I saw with manipulation of color that intrigued me. (An Alice Starmore wrap – I didn’t even know who she was at the time!) The main design color as well as the background changed in color. It was FABULOUS!

Alice Starmore’s book, Fair Isle Knitting, covers some of that principle in her designs. No surprise then that I enjoy studying her theories of color either!

Knitting in-the-round, wrapping the yarns as you work the colors, picking and throwing with speed. These are the techniques to learn. The manipulation of color and design are what I dream about.

Oh, the need for more time…….good thing, I feel so young!

Happy Colors!



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