Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 12, 2011

Responsible Knitting 4

It could be said that being a Responsible Knitter takes a lot of knitting knowledge and years of practice.

Yes and No.

It does take practice. It does take knowing the craft and it’s stitches. But those stitches are just knits, purls and yarn overs. A basic top-down sweater can be just knits and a Responsible Knitter can knit!

If you have been reading the posts on Responsible Knitting (and even the earlier post on Running the Numbers) you know what I am going to write next…….Being a Responsible Knitter means knowing your Numbers.

But what if you are a wonderful person and are knitting for your niece that is in college several states away? How do you knit for her?

I say go to the mall!

Yes, the mall. Or a store that has a variety of ready made sweaters. Even in the summer you can find something to help you find your niece’s numbers. – OH! And don’t forget to take your tape measure, note pad and pencil!

Finding your niece’s numbers starts out the same as it did for you: measure an already made garment(s).

Measure the piece flat. Find the measurements for across the body and sleeves, armhole depth, sleeve length, neck opening and overall length. There are other measurements too: Bottom rib, sleeve rib and even waist shaping. It just depends on the sweater you will be knitting.

Have fun on your travels to find the Numbers.

And while you are traveling, measure and try on different sizes for yourself!

Happy Numbers,




  1. What a great idea. My granddaughter is in school in another state and I put off making a sweater or jacket for her. Many thanks. This is the first time I have been to your website and I intend to be a frequent visitor and purchaser of the beautiful things I have seen.

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