Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 3, 2011


Fiber can make or break a knitting project.

Wool has been a long time favorite with knitters because of its durability and predictability.

Predictability? Yes – if you knit your project with the correct needles and gauge you do not need to worry about the project growing or shrinking (unless someone tosses it in the dryer!).

But, not every knitter wants all their knitting to be in wool, especially for warmer weather.

There are so many yarns with new and interesting fiber content! But how to know how the yarn will hold up with your project? There are a few tips to keep in mind while searching out yarn.

Wool is your friend. There is a reason why yarn companies have small amounts of wools with other fibers. Some wool content offers stability to yarns that can stretch like cotton and bamboo – two summer favorites.

Some times acrylic, nylon and other synthetic fibers are added to yarn. In small amounts, synthetic can be your friend to stabilize, add durability or spark-ability to your yarn. But, make sure you keep the synthetic content low or you know how the yarn will work for your project. For example: acrylic can grow even worse than cotton or bamboo.

We are fortunate to have Ravelry and other sites where people have rated yarns. Read carefully the comments to make sure the comment  applies to your project. Just because a yarn might split more when knitting does not mean that it won’t make a fabulous sweater!

Fiber is a long subject. One I have just barely touched on – but it is a subject worth reading about with its “twists, turns and trends”.

Happy Fiber Hunting!



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