Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 17, 2011

Twists, Turns and Trends

In a previous post about fiber, I described fiber having “Twists, Turns and Trends”. Doesn’t that describe knitting in general?

The fashion runway may be too wild for most of us – but it does influence what is out there for us to buy and knit.

Chunky yarns with chunky cables, long flowing jackets and cowls worn with almost every thing. These are only a few of the trends that are flooding the runways and magazines.

But is that what you want to knit? Do you want to spend hours, days, weeks and even months on something that will be out of style before you bind off?

Designers, yarn companies, and publications will have you think otherwise – or well so you make think, as you flip thought new knitted items.

Trends come and go – the twists and turns you make of them is your own.

I have plenty of trendy knitwear and even more of classics – that I hope I will still want to wear 5 years from now. I mostly want to own updated classics – but then I am sure I will twist and turn to knit a trend!

Trends are fun and sometimes trends can become old. – Really old when in your closet long after the trend is gone.

A cheer for the trendy – but three cheers to the classics – for we can have more joy in wearing them longer. (or that is my opinion – yours?)

Happy Knitting your Twists, Turns and Trends – and Classics,



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