Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 14, 2011


I finally have all four Treasury of Knitting Patterns books by Barbara Walker! 

The Fourth Treasury Book was the first one I placed on my shelf. It was a wonderful gift from my friend Sharon.

Then came the first followed by the third. Don’t ask me why I bought the third before the second…………But, it was a good thing I did! Because I found a first edition copy of the second Treasury!

What a thrill it was to purchase and own a first edition of such a classic knitting reference book.

As a designer, I am naturally drawn to knitting reference books for stitch patterns. Favorite reference books can be found on my shelf with post it notes sticking out. I have been known to write notes on what I have used the pattern stitch for and sometimes there are even notes of corrections (yes there are errors even in pattern stitch books!) or of changes I have made to the pattern stitch.

One thing I change continually when using a pattern stitch from one of the Treasury of Knitting Patterns is the first row. Many of the pattern stitches start with row 1 as the wrong side. You ask why do I change that? Well, that is one thing of conformity the knitting world has done recently that makes sense – all pattern stitches are now published starting with a right side row.

It wasn’t until the Fourth Treasury that charts were published – I am am guessing when charting pattern stitches came along was when starting row one on the right side of a pattern stitch started.

The knitting world is trying to reach conformity on charting. I don’t see that one happening. Some charting software has put copyright laws on publishing charts using their software. But mostly I believe it will not happen because knitters are very opinionated and believe their charting is better than the others! 🙂

Now I have gotten off topic and will save the rest for another day…….

Happy Opinions, Knitters!



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