Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 21, 2011

Summer Knitting

What is your summer knitting?

Is it socks at the beach or a baseball game? A shawl for chilly air conditioning? Or are you working on something to wear for the fall?

Or are you running to and from kids activities, getting ready to go on vacation, or washing piles of dirty clothes from vacation? And your knitting is getting dust bunnies?

Summer knitting, for most, has a back seat to other activities. Not everyone takes knitting to a baseball game – sad, but true!

Even a crazy person like myself is not knitting as much this summer. There are not any looming deadlines (yet) and I am getting ready for vacation and running my daughter to a dance intensive camp this week.

What am I working on? (There are always several projects on needles and being put in notes or a pattern.)

My Walking Vest. I am planning on finishing it before……… well, hopefully it will be finished before the fall!

Which reminds me – I need to update my “on the needles” section!

Happy Summer Knitting,



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