Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 5, 2011

Vacation Knitting

Do you take your knitting on vacation?

Some sort of knitting is always with me. In fact, I usually take more than one project! I would HATE to not have something to knit!

I usually do not knit as much as I plan. Especially if the weather is too wonderful. (If it rains – I knit more.)

I also like to wander into knitting shops. This trip I am hoping for a miracle skein of yarn to add to my Walking Vest. I fear I will need just a bit more and I so want to finish before I return home.

New yarn shops sometimes also hold fabulous yarn that needs to be purchased and added to my ever-growing stash! I also always bring my needle case with my interchangeable needles for those spontaneous I-need-to-cast-on-NOW yarn finds!

As you can tell, I am “Hooked” on knitting. It is not “Work” it is part of my life that continues to bring me joy.

Joy to bring on any vacation…………

Happy Vacation Knitting,



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