Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 12, 2011


Kisses is my jacket design for Cascade Yarns, Jewel Hand-Dyed Paints.

Using a “thick and thin” yarn in a painted yarn gives tons of variety to the design. This design also gives you tons of wearing options.

Shown in the photos by Cascade Yarns, you can wear it buttoned closed with the collar turned down. But this design also can be worn with the collar turned up for an extra warmth on cold days.

The jacket can also be warn open – I actually loved the way it looked open.

As a wool jacket this design is perfect to wear when it is cool or colder – you can layer up!

Then, of course, the cabling “x’s” that give the jacket its name change through out the design.

More photos of the jacket are on the pattern’s front page – or you can view them on my Ravelry Designer’s page – Here.

Download your free pattern on the Cascade Yarns Website under free patterns, Jewel Yarn – Here.

Happy Knitting!



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