Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 26, 2011

All You Need……..

“All you need is a girlfriend to get you started!”

How true is that phrase – it can be said for most things, but here we – of course – will talk about knitting.

Knitting with  a friend(s) is fabulous. Even knitting with someone you don’t know – you will soon have someone to share your love of knitting with. Just ask any knitter that attends a knitting convention.

– Now that can be just one knitting high that will last for days!

I will soon be leaving my LYS (Local Yarn Store) and with that I will be leaving a group of women who have become my friends.

We share our lives though our common interest of knitting on Thursdays. Sometimes the room is full, sometimes there is only 2 or 3 of us. Sometimes we talk about yarn or movies, sometimes we talk about families or a love of cooking, hate of cooking or a trip just finished or one about to start.

Sometimes our laughter is a roar that sounds like a big party. Sometimes the room is very quiet as we shed tears – sometimes it is one person who shares their sadness, but heavy hearts are felt all around the room.

Always it contains a bond that has been formed through the clicking of sticks – a group of intelligent, strong-willed and opinionated women that share their lives through knitting.

Even though I will be leaving one LYS with a sad heart, I know that there are other knitters waiting for me to meet at my new LYS. – A great comfort when starting over in a new town.

So really – All You Need is a LYS!

Here is a link to get you to laugh and show you that it is TRUE: “All you need is a girlfriend to get you started!” says Julia, and it will start you on a lifelong journey full of laughter and support.

Happy Knitting!




  1. I’ll miss you.

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