Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 6, 2011



There are so many Choices! Even for me, a knitwear designer, there are tons and tons of choices!

I am talking about what to knit today – not yarn. (When you add yarn to the mix that makes even more choices!)

At this moment in time, I am not designing any projects for outside sources or looking to submit any outside designs. I am taking time to finish designs for me –

When I get to the part where I am just knitting – not designing – my mind wanders to new designs. Then I take a break and head to the mailbox and I pluck out a catalog from the mailbox. This time of year it catalogs are full of sweaters to purchase!

Well, of course, I never think about purchasing them – but knitting them.

Seeing the designs that retailers are pushing for the year always gets my brain moving in thousands of directions. Is the design classic enough to knit? Is the design suitable for top-down – or should I take it in another direction? Is it something I would want to wear? Or is it something to pitch to an outside source?

When I see a design and I decide to knit it – and redesign it – I head to my library of stitch patterns and start looking. Most times I find stitch patterns that I find more exciting. I also may add more stitch patterns to complement the first ones found.

My direction, as of late, is to incorporate simplicity with complexity. Simplicity of the overall design with wonderfully complex-looking pattern detail. As a knitter, I want a challenge. But, I also find it soothing to have part of a knitting project mindless (stockinette). Stockinette or another simple overall pattern stitch allows for simplicity.

I have a notebook with design ideas. Some have notes with the pattern stitch. Some have partially written patterns. And some have the full pattern written. It is enough to drive me crazy! Especially when I want to run to my stash, pull out a bag of yarn and start knitting something new on my needles!

Taking a deep breath, I am now relaxing and remembering: “I need to finish Macy Lacy, Walking Vest and BaaBaa Looey first……”

Happy Choice Knitting,



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