Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 20, 2011

Conformity in Knitting

Conformity in Knitting Patterns can be a good thing.

Well, a good thing when starting a pattern stitch on the right side or using the same chart symbols. (I prefer seeing a small dot for a purl stitch, but my charting software doesn’t have that symbol – yet.) It is easier when using a chart for a pattern when you see the same symbols over and over again. I also prefer seeing cable symbols that visually show you the direction of the cable (right or left).

Schematics are another good conformity in patterns. But, publishers can’t agree on top-down schematics. Some show the garment with the neck at the top – others with the neck at the bottom believing it should be shown as knitted.

Showing gauge in 4 inches for the pattern stitch is something that is a conformity that all seem to agree on in publishing anyway. Some yarn skeins still will give gauge with just one inch. I think that is fine, it is the size of the needle recommended that I find is all over the place on skeins. I suppose that is varied because of the difference in tension from one knitter to another.

Another conformity that would be nice to see is the yarn weight. I guess I can understand the publishing world wanting the knitter to use the yarn shown because they would like the yarn company to advertise with them – and yarn companies, rightfully so, want to sell yarn. But, yarn gets discontinued, therefore seeing that the yarn used is of DK weight helps the knitter substitute another yarn easier.

Yarn weight is trying to be standardized. But, there is a fine line when moving from one weight to another. Sport weight sometimes shows up in descriptions, but the yarn can easily move to the fingering or the DK side. I know there are suppose to be actual numbers to determine it’s category (can you tell studying fiber is not on my reading list?) – but, I think it all boils down to the what the yarn company wants to say the weight is.

WOW! This is a long topic – Conformity in Knitting. More next time……

Happy Conformity,




  1. What is the yarn shown in your blog post picture? The colors are beautiful.

    • I do not know.
      Sorry, it is a photo I scooped of yarn images.

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