Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 27, 2011

Conformity in Knitting 2

Since writing the last post on Conformity in knitting, I don’t believe there can be conformity in knitting patterns. There are too many factors.

I mean we have gauge given, yes? And we need gauge because there are a vast variety of knitting tensions. With that variety of tensions comes a variety of needles.

A lot of knitter’s will talk about correct gauge being at a “tight” tension. And many times you see gauge given “tight”. But, in reality you cannot be a “tight” knitter and purl 2 together through the back loops!

I design patterns and I am a “loose” knitter, therefore my gauges will be  given on smaller needles than a “tight” knitting designer. So we cannot have conformity with gauge, yarn and needles if we have a variety of tensions. The publishing world knows this – that is why giving a gauge has become standard practice.

Therefore, I believe, you cannot have conformity in HOW a pattern is written. Every designer’s brain works different – thank goodness! (So we can have a vast variety of patterns!)

So, Why would we want conformity in how the pattern is written? I can understand the pattern being published by a company having the same set up: Measurements, Materials, Pattern Stitches, etc. in a certain order with the same typeface, size and other format styles followed. But, why must a pattern follow the same format in the pattern style?

Isn’t there a wide variety of projects out there? Can a pieced together sweater follow the same style as a top-down sweater?

A bottom rib is typically knitted first in a pieced design and last in a top-down. The stitches increase as a top-down is formed, many times binding off stitches in pieced garments give its shape.

Also, in a top-down garment size options can be given and easily changed for the individual knitter – the beauty of top-down.

There are more Conformities to talk about – but should it be all under Responsible Knitting?

Leaving you with thoughts on Conforming or not Comforming or just being Resposible!




  1. You are soooo right girl! The longer we knit, the more we realize this.
    PS Miss you bunches.

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