Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 11, 2011

Conforming or just being Responsible!

These are just a few knitting points that I recommend:

1. Measure!

Measure a sweater that you already own for a size that is best for you. You may be surprised on your actual size!

2. Use smaller needles. The smaller the stitch the more chance for your garment not to grow. Not growing is good!

Try using a smaller needle than what is recommended – or you think you need. Swatch and see – many times you can get the same gauge with several sizes of needle. It is all in the blocking, honey!

3. Try your sweater on! We are talking knitting from the top-down – or refer to #1 above.

Don’t just assume that because you swatched that your size 36 sweater is knitting up to a size 36. Many times you will change your tension when knitting the actual garment – especially when knitting in the round.

4. Check your sleeve length. Yes, this means try it on again!

The length of sleeves are tricky. When standing with your arms down by your sides the length will be longer. Lift your arms out in front of you. See your sleeves pull up! Move your arms. See your sleeves pull up! After moving – then determine how long or short you want your sleeves.

And one final thought: Let’s say you have been knitting for years, you are responsible and know you love the way a size 36 sweater fits you. Just because the pattern SAYS you are knitting a size 36 – don’t believe it! Measure your sweater! Remember all that ease Mumbo Jumbo?! Don’t let the designer throw a size 44 in there for some positive ease – especially if you want the style to fit you as you like your size 36!

Your measuring tape is your friend!

Happy Responsible Knitting!



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