Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 29, 2011

BaaBaa Sheep

BaaBaa Black Sheep, do you have any wool? Yes, sir! Yes, sir, three bags full!

Well, if you are a knitter, you probably have more than three bags!

So grab some yarn and knit up BaaBaa Sheep.

Shown in Lambs Pride Bulky, he is Fast and Fun. You can knit this little guy flat to put on a bag, scarf or sweater.

Or ad another side to make him 3-dimensional. Hang him on your tree, lamp, or bag.

The Sheep Stitch gives this little guy some furry fun. Beads give him eyes and little bit of embroidery yarn adds an easy nose and mouth. Some quick I-cord and his legs and tail are complete!

Add him to your tree this year to show off that you are a knitter. Give him to your knitter friends for a gift that will give a little joy.

You can download your pattern here to start this small fun project.

Happy Knitting,



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