Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 6, 2011

Small Projects

I have always been one of the crazy people who tackle large projects. But, the small ones fill in the gap of very useful items.

Hats, scarves, mittens and bags fill in that gap. 

Hats do take some sizing – so that intrigues me. People’s heads come in small, medium and large. I have a small head, my 12 year old daughter’s head is medium and my friend, Sharon, who knits and wears a lot of hats, is large. After knitting a hat I like to have Sharon put it on so I can see what needs to be done for a large sized wearer.

Scarves are very useful. They keep you warm, but they also are fabulous accents. I have just completed 2 triangle shaped scarves. They are both one skein scarves that incorporate interesting patterns using lace. The challenge for me was to design one skein scarves that can be turned into shawls for those wanting more. Their patterns can easily be repeated when a second skein is added to make a larger scarf or be turned into a lovely shawl with a third skein. (Options are always great.)

Oooo, I almost forgot! I designed a one skein cowl to keep you warm and extra fabulous looking! It is knit with bulky weight yarn. It is a fast and fun project.

Bags. Well, bags are just too much fun! Adding color and embellishments is adding fun! It also gives individuality to your project. A group of knitters can all knit the same bag and because of the addition of color and embellishments, they all will end up with different looking bags.

Keep an eye out under my miscellaneous tag for different items that are on their way! Misc link

Mittens – I never seem to get to mittens – after a hat and scarf I am always back to a large project before I get to the mittens. Wait until you see what is on my needles now!

Happy Small Project Knitting, Nancy


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